The control of a professional, the eye of a designer

Ever since he was young, Gideon Traas has been fascinated by wood. Raw material with its own distinct character, that can result in the most subtle products with the right treatment. His talent for woodworking he developed at the professional school De Schrijn, and refined it at the Rowden Atelier in England, the prestigious school of David Savage.

After completing the School for Fine Furniture in England, Gideon started with his own Gideon Creations Studio in Stadskanaal (the Netherlands). In this professional workshop he can come to the most beautiful projects continuous and independent.

Gideon chooses for composure and patience. Each piece is given the time and attention it deserves. Next to the commissions for admirers, Gideon has numerous ideas for own work which he would love to show the world.

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